CLARIFICATION: World Bank Statement on Withholding New Lending to Uganda

December 9, 2016

UGANDA, December 9, 20161 –The World Bank took a decision to withhold new IDA lending to Uganda effective August 22, 2016 while reviewing the country’s portfolio in consultation with the Government of Uganda2.  We continue to actively work with the Ugandan authorities to address the outstanding performance issues in the portfolio, including delays in project effectiveness, weaknesses in safeguards monitoring and enforcement, and low disbursement.

We reiterate our commitment to doing everything possible to work closely with the Government of Uganda, as well as with other stakeholders, to support the country’s development and ensure that all World Bank-supported projects deliver tangible and long-lasting results to all Ugandans, especially the poor and vulnerable. 

September 13, 2016 Statement

1. This statement is a clarification from the original issue date of September 13, 2016, which refers to the “World Bank Group”. IFC operations are not affected by this decision hence the revision in the opening sentence to “World Bank” only.

2. This updated statement clarifies that the decision to withhold new lending refers only to new IDA lending and a review of the country’s IDA portfolio in consultation with the Government of Uganda, as the key counterpart for IDA-financed projects. It does not cover IFC investments and lending.

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