World Bank Statement on the Partnership with FYR Macedonia

April 27, 2016

SKOPJE, April 27, 2016 - Since 1994, the World Bank has been a strong partner of FYR Macedonia, working together with the country, toward creating better living standards for all Macedonian citizens and supporting the country's European aspirations.  Over this period, the World Bank provided knowledge services and financed 63 projects in FYR Macedonia in excess of $2 billion. The World Bank continues its activities with FYR Macedonia throughout the political cycle, working with the current technical government within the limits of its mandate. The current portfolio consists of eight investment projects under implementation worth US$ 378 million. (World Bank – Macedonia Program Snapshot)

All World Bank-financed projects, including the First Municipal Services Improvement Project, Skills Development and Innovation support project, Conditional Cash Transfers Project, Road Upgrading Project, Roads Rehabilitation Project and the Power Project (ECSEE APL3), are currently under implementation, disbursing satisfactorily and on track to achieve planned results.  In addition, in January 2016, the World Bank approved a new operation in the amount of US$28 million to support the Second Municipal Services Improvement Project. MSIP2 will provide sub-loans to municipalities for infrastructure investments such as water supply, sewerage, solid waste management, local roads, energy efficiency improvements to municipal buildings, and other high priority municipal infrastructure investments with clear impact on welfare of citizens and efficiency of services. These sub loans are linked to budget transparency and accountability of local governments to their citizens.  The project will also introduce a grant component to enhance service delivery and infrastructure for poorer and marginalized communities within municipalities. The first MSIP is currently disbursing in municipalities throughout FYR Macedonia, including the component from IPA Rural Investment Trust Fund, signed in 2014 with European Union. The second MSIP will become effective upon completion of parliamentary elections in the country.

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