World Bank Continues Investments in Better Water Services in Tajikistan

June 30, 2015

WASHINGTON, June 30, 2015 – The World Bank Board of Executive Directors approved today an allocation of additional financing of US$10 million from the International Development Association for the Second Dushanbe Water Supply Project, which will allow scaling up activities aimed at improving the quality and sustainability of water supply services for the residents of the capital city Dushanbe. The Municipality of Dushanbe is providing additional US$1 million for the project.

The ongoing Second Dushanbe Water Supply Project was launched in December 2011 to improve water supply services in selected areas of Dushanbe through upgrading water treatment and distribution infrastructure; implementing a residential meter installation program to better manage water demands; installing modern billing and collection systems to improve customer service and revenue generation; and providing technical assistance and capacity-building to strengthen the managerial and operational performance of the “Dushanbe Vodokanal” water utility service provider.

The Additional Financing will allow the consolidation and scaling up of some of the current activities, including the reconstruction of additional filters at the “Samotechnaya” Water Treatment Plant; the completion of the metering program in the southern half of the city; and the installation of network re-chlorination systems. New activities will also include the replacement of prioritized portions of the water distribution network to reduce technical water losses; the automation of the coagulation process at the “Samotechnaya” Water Treatment Plant; and the development of a tariff and connection fee study.

“Access to quality drinking water remains a challenge both in rural and urban areas of Tajikistan, impacting health outcomes and productivity of the population,” said Patricia Veevers-Carter, World Bank Country Manager for Tajikistan. “We are continuing our support to improved access to quality public services, including reliable and safe drinking water supply, which are key priorities to the overall poverty reduction efforts in Tajikistan.”

The ongoing Second Dushanbe Water Supply Project financed by the World Bank in the amount of US$16 million, with US$3 million co-financed by the Municipality, is helping improve water supply in terms of better water quality and service continuity. The Additional Financing will help expand these benefits to additional sections of the city, in particular the distribution of potable water in areas vulnerable to the occurrence of high-turbidity water in the network.

The World Bank’s active portfolio in Tajikistan includes 21 projects with a net commitment of US$ 323.4 million (including regional projects) that aim to support economic growth through private sector development, while investing in better public services for people, such as education, health, municipal services and social protection. Since 1996, the World Bank provided over US$1 billion in grants and highly concessional credits from the International Development Association and trust fund resources to Tajikistan.

The World Bank Group is committed to continue supporting Tajikistan as it strives to improve the lives of its people and meet the aspirations of its young and growing population.

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