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World Bank In Turkmenistan Announces Launch Of The Civil Society Fund Program 2011

March 18, 2011

Ashgabat, March 18, 2011 - The World Bank Liaison Office in Turkmenistan is pleased to announce launch of the 2011 Civil Society Fund Program (CSFP) (formerly known as the Small Grants Program) for Turkmen organizations.

The Civil Society Fund Program (CSFP) was created in 1983 to provide a way for the World Bank to promote dialogue and dissemination of information about development, and to enhance partnerships with the civil society. Grants are provided through participating World Bank Country Offices. World Bank Liaison Office in Turkmenistan has been administering the program since 2003.

Any institution involved in development broadly defined may apply for a grant. However, the CSFP prefers to support nonprofit, nongovernmental, nonacademic organizations. The CSFP provides grants in the range of $5,000 to $9,000 each, but the grants rarely fund more than half of the proposed budget for an activity, and therefore grantees are encouraged to use the CSFP grants to leverage additional contributions from other sources. Applications are accepted in the World Bank Liaison Office in Turkmenistan located in Ashgabat, application deadline is April 29, 2011.

The Civil Society Fund Program supports activities related to civic engagement for the empowerment of marginalized and vulnerable groups. Activities should:

• Promote dialogue and dissemination of information; and
• Enhance partnerships with key players in support of the development process. Key players could include government agencies, civil society organizations, multilateral and bilateral agencies, foundation, and private sector.

In 2011 priorities will be given to the projects focusing on engagement of women, youth and people with disabilities in the socio-economic development processes.

Civic engagement is the process through which civil society organizations actively engage in relationships and actions with the state and other development actors to address issues of public concern. World Bank believes that socially active and empowered citizens facilitate development processes in their countries.


as an applicant of the WB CSF Program i) if you would like to complement the activities under the proposed program, ii) if your project requires more funding than provided under the CSF program and iii) if you would like to increase the coverage under the proposed CSF application -- you have a chance to benefit from additional funding provided by the Embassy of the United Kingdom (please contact Firyuza Babayeva for further information, tel: 363462).

Please note:
- selection of an application for funding under one program does not automatically result in funding under the other program - applicants will be evaluated and selected by the respective selection committees under each program;
- the reporting under two sources of funding will be maintained separately as per requirements of each program.

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