Asia Pacific Global Development Learning Network members discuss further contributions to the region's prosperity in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

June 29, 2009

ULAANBAATAR, Monday, June 29, 2009  – More than 40 overseas visitors have gathered in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to discuss how the region could boost its provision of knowledge exchange and capacity building through the Global Development Learning Network.
The World Bank Mongolia Office and Mongolia Development Learning Center hosted the GDLN Asia-Pacific Annual Meeting in Ulaanbaatar with delegates travelling from across South Asia, East Asia and the Pacific.

GDLN connects the world through learning. It is a partnership of recognized global institutions which collaborate in the design of customized learning solutions for individuals and organizations working in development. Through tailored learning programs, knowledge and technical assistance programs and state of the art videoconferencing and internet-based learning, GDLN can connect development stakeholders from around the world.

Mongolia’s Ministry of Education, Culture and Science is a major partner of GDLN in Mongolia and today the Minister Mr Yo. Otgonbayar opened the meeting saying that this was a great opportunity to step up national distance learning and boosting the interaction with the GDLN.

"Policymakers, private and public sector employees and civil society groups can all benefit from GDLN being connected to innovative ideas from all corners of the globe. I am proud the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science is a partner and I am dedicated to increasing our involvement within the network."

Sarah Cliffe, Director for Operations and Strategy of the World Bank East Asia and the Pacific noted in her remarks that "whether it is in the area of capacity building for developing countries, sharing experiences on responding to the financial crisis, establishment of regional networks of experts and practitioners, or just-in-time knowledge exchange, GDLN is ideally placed."

According to Philip Karp, GDLN Coordinator, East Asia and Pacific Region and World Bank Institute Lead Specialist, "GDLN provides a unique mix of delivery infrastructure, partnership networks, and understanding of how to make effective use of modern information and communication technologies for learning and knowledge exchange. The purpose of our meeting this week has been to share experience on how to make best use of our network to foster economic and social development in the Asia Pacific region."

The five-day meeting is an opportunity for GDLN Asia Pacific members and partners to assemble and discuss innovative programs and the latest network development and technology enhancement.

World Bank Mongolia Country Manager and Resident Representative Arshad Sayed said, "This meeting is an important step for the development learning and knowledge exchange programs in the region of which I believe Mongolia can offer an enormous amount. But there is also a significant need for information and knowledge sharing from abroad and I expect this meeting will encourage that."

GDLN began as a World Bank initiative in 1997 but has now grown as a worldwide partnership that includes universities, government institutes and private sector organizations in 120 affiliated centers around the world.


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