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World Bank Approves $5.0 M For Enhanced Justice Sector Development In Mongolia

June 26, 2008

WASHINGTON DC, June 26, 2008 – the World Bank’s Board has just approved an investment credit and grant of US$ 5.0 million for the Enhanced Justice Sector Services Project (JSSP) in Mongolia.  The project will assist Mongolia to implement its “Millennium Development Goals-Based National Development Strategy” (NDS) by strengthening government institutions and improving the legal environment to ensure transparency and accessibility of public services.

In 2007, the Parliament of Mongolia completed the preparation of a “Millennium Development Goals-Based National Development Strategy” (NDS) in which the concepts of law, justice and human rights figure prominently. A working group, established by Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs (MOJHA) also evaluated the impact of The World Bank Legal and Judicial Reform Project (LJRP) in December 2007 and noted the importance of comprehensive public and legal education and the need to continue to improve both the IT and physical infrastructures of the Supreme Court and the Court Enforcement Agency.

“With this project we aim to support Mongolian justice sector institutions continuing efforts to enhance their efficiency, transparency and accountability through capacity improvements. Project design also closely follows the lessons learned through the implementation of the recently completed LJRP.” noted by Arshad Sayed, Country Manager and Resident Representative, the World Bank Mongolia.   The new Project will strengthen the capacity of the judiciary, by working through the Supreme Court and General Council of Courts, (GCC) and the executive branch, through the MOJHA and its specialized Court Enforcement Agency, to enhance their individual and complementary mandates.

Project Components

1. Enhancing Public Legal Education on the Justice Sector: The project will support the development of comprehensive legal education reform program and the implementation of a national public information strategy throughout all of Mongolia to strengthen understanding of Mongolia's new legal system and explain how to use the court system and the court enforcement agency services.

2. Increasing Transparency through Improved Access to Legal Information: The project will improve access to legal information by implementing national justice sector information and IT networking strategies for both the Supreme Court and MOJHA’s, Court Enforcement Agency.

3. Enhancing Judicial Operations, Enforcement and Monitoring of Court Decisions: The project will strengthen and modernize the Court Enforcement Agency and also contribute to the construction of a new Supreme Court facility in accordance with both international and national standards.

The World Bank finances the project with 5.0 million USD from IDA of which 1.65 million is grant and 3.35 million is credit.