The Future of Development Finance
The World Bank Group and the Graduate Institute launch the first series of The Future of Development Finance
December 7, 2016Geneva, Switzerland

On Wednesday December 7, the World Bank Group and the Graduate Institute successfully launched the first series of “The Future of Development Finance.” The series aim to bring various stakeholder to the table to discuss the financing of the 2030 Agenda.

The first event, moderated by Director of the Centre for Finance and Development, Ugo Panizza, brought together World Bank Group Senior Vice, President Mahmoud Mohieldin; UNCTAD’s Deputy Secretary General, Joakim Reiter; and Co-founder of Sustainable Finance Geneva and Vice President of Swiss Sustainable Finance, Angela de Wolff, to discuss financing for development from three different and yet complimentary point of view. Senior Vice President Mohieldin described  how the World Bank is tackling the 2030 Agenda from a data, financing and implementation angle, at various level: global, regional, national and local, while maintaining institutional focus. Mr. Reiter explained that despite the current worrying global trend, digitalization will allow for the democratization of trade, positively impacting the implementation of the SDGs. Finally, on sustainable finance, Angela de Wolff highlighted that “sustainable finance is not a revolution but a natural evolution”. Overall, this first series highlighted the importance of inclusivity of all partners to successfully finance the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.