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Small and Medium Enterprise Workshop
May 28, 2015Washington, DC, Main Complex, MC 13-121

This workshop hosted by the World Bank’s Development Research Group and the Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship Practice within the Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice will showcase winning ideas from an innovation competition focused on Small and Medium Enterprises.

Currently, the World Bank and governments around the world have a very limited range of policy instruments that are typically used for trying to foster small and medium enterprise growth and entrepreneurship. The Private Sector Development Policy Innovation Lab, a collaboration between the World Bank’s Development Research Group and the Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship Practice, held a competition in which researchers from within and outside of the World Bank were asked to propose new ideas for policies in this area, motivated by economic theory and existing research findings. More than 70 initial submissions were received from around the world.

The fifteen finalists have developed full concept note templates of 8-9 pages around these ideas which can serve as a basis for discussions with policymakers, or for the initial preparation of a World Bank project that uses this idea.

On May 28, 2015 each finalist will present their idea in a 5-7 minute pitch followed by 5 minutes of questions and answers. The target audience is World Bank operational staff working on Small and Medium Enterprise projects. 

Portfolio of finalists and summary of SME ideas


For more information:
David McKenzie 
(202) 458-9332

Last Updated: May 29, 2015

Innovative Ideas on SME Growth and Entrepreneurship Pitch and Match-Making Event

Main Complex, MC 13-121

8:45 am

Welcome and Rules of the Game
David McKenzie and Cecile Fruman

Each session will consist of a 5 minute pitch of the key idea, followed by 7 minutes of discussion and reaction from the audience. We will be very strict with time. 

Pitch Session I

9:00-9:12 am

Service Performance Guarantees to Improve the Business Climate (VIDEO)
Vijaya Ramachandran (by VC from London) 

9:13-9:24 am

Expanding Legal Services for SME Growth (VIDEO)
Abhay Aneja, Tarek Ghani, Justin Sandefur, Bilal Siddiqi 

9:25-9:36 am

Online Platforms, Market Access and SME Growth (VIDEO)
David Atkin, Amit Khandelwal, Adam Osman (presenter)

9:37-9:48 am

An ExPrize: Using prizes to encourage exports and learn about exporters (VIDEO)
Neil Rankin

9:49-10:00 am

Fashion Forward – The Fashion Global Value Chain (VIDEO)
Michaela Weber

10:00-10.14 am

Coffee break and match-making time

Pitch Session 2

10:15-10:26 am

P4S: Adding Paying for Success to Subsidy Instruments to Incentivise and Support SMEs (VIDEO)
Theodore Talbot, Owen Barder

10:27-10.38 am

SokoText: Leveraging mobile phones for economic empowerment of small enterprises and food security at the Base of the Pyramid (VIDEO)
Carolina Medina Gutiérrez, Verena Liedgens (presenter), Rebecca Willett

10:39-10:50 am

A Networking Marketplace for SME Development (VIDEO)
Thomas Bossuroy, Francisco Campos, Aidan Coville, Markus Goldstein, Gareth Roberts

10:51-11:02 am

Challenge-driven open innovation platform to promote interactions with SMEs (VIDEO)
Fabio Hideki Ono

11:03-11:14 am

Finding Permanent Impacts for SME growth: The Role of Sequencing (VIDEO)
Bilal Zia

11:15-11:34 am

Coffee break and match-making time

Pitch Session 3

11:35-11:46 am

Using business libraries to promote growth in small manufacturers (VIDEO)
Jeremy Shapiro, Jack Hoskins, Chaning Jang (presenter)

11:47-11:58 am

The Cream of the Crop: Targeting High Ability Entrepreneurs Using Social Network Information (VIDEO)
Reshmaan Hussam, Natalia Rigol, Benjamin Roth (presenter)

11:59 am-12:10 pm

Identifying High-Impact Entrepreneurs through a Screening Platform (VIDEO)
Johanne Buba, Niklas Buehren, Francisco Campos

12:11-12:22 pm

Matching Equity Financing – extending risk capital financing in emerging markets to promote entrepreneurship, innovation and job growth (VIDEO)
Justin Hill, Andrew Myburgh, Derick Bowen

12:23-12:34 pm

Improving Management Remotely Through Benchmarking and Tablet Feedback  (VIDEO)
Leonardo Iacovone, Shawn Cole 

12.35-1:35 pm

Lunch and further match-making time


Last Updated: Jun 01, 2015

  • Date: May 28, 2015
  • Venue: Main Complex, MC 13-121
  • Time: 8:00 a.m. - 2: 00 p.m.