Nena Stoiljkovic

Nena Stoiljkovic

Vice President, Global Partnerships, International Finance Corporation

Nena Stoiljkovic is one of two vice presidents for Global Practices at the World Bank Group. Her key responsibilities include the setup and oversight of the new Global Practices, which will bring together the best expertise from across the Bank Group and from partners to help tackle the most difficult and pressing development challenges.

Ms. Stoiljkovic is also vice president for IFC Global Partnerships and the Global Practices, in addition to the Cross-Cutting Solution Areas that will focus the Bank Group’s efforts and resources on achieving ambitious targets in priority areas such as jobs and gender. She is a member of the IFC Management Team.
A Serbian national, Ms. Stoiljkovic was previously IFC’s director for Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Under her leadership, IFC supported the banking sector and expanded much-needed trade finance in a region particularly hard hit by financial crisis. IFC, in collaboration with the World Bank, also helped make energy efficiency an integral part of economic development across the region. An advisory program that started in Russia expanded to other countries in the region, spurring investment in energy-efficiency solutions.

Ms. Stoiljkovic joined IFC in 1995 as an investment officer and has since worked in Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, Southern Europe, and Central Asia.

Prior to joining IFC, Ms. Stoiljkovic worked as a consultant at the Economic Institute of Belgrade. She holds an MBA from the London Business School.


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