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Kitzmuller Markus, Rama MartinApr 06, 2014

South Asia experienced a strong cyclical rebound in 2013Q3 growth but has since slowed again. The strong regional growth performance between July and September 2013 can be largely attributed to a temporary pick...

Apr 01, 2014

The report finds that nutrition interventions rarely target adolescent girls, fathers, or elderly women. The report stresses that gender inclusive nutrition programs will ideally increase: (1) women's household...

Working Paper
Hussain Zahid, Rizwan Nadeem, Sanjana AdibaApr 01, 2014

Bangladesh moved closer to achieving the sixth five year plan target of reducing extreme poverty to 22.5 percent by 2015 as it sustained healthy gross domestic product (GDP) growth and moderate single digit ...

Working Paper
Refaqat Saadia, Lopez-Calix Jose R., Mukhtar Hanid, Ashraf Mehwish, Waheed Muhammad, Ahmed RafayApr 01, 2014

Pakistan's economy is weak but at a turning point. Growth recovery is underway, with the projected GDP growth approaching 3.6-4.0 percent, driven by dynamic manufacturing and service sectors, better energy ...

Working Paper
Apr 01, 2014

After a policy-engineered slowdown in 2012, which saw GDP growth decline to 4.8 percent, the lowest since 2008, Bhutan's economy is expected to rebound to 6.5 percent this year, supported by hydropower ...

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Iffath A. Sharif
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