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Uruguay Research


Berlinski Samuel, Galiani Sebastian, Manacorda MarcoAug 14, 2013

This brief summarizes the giving children a better start: preschool attendance and school-age profiles in Uruguay for the period 1995. The author study the effect of pre-primary education on children's subsequent...

Cerdan-Infantes Pedro, Vermeersch ChristelAug 14, 2013

This brief summarizes the results of a gender impact evaluation study, entitled More time is better : an evaluation of the full-time school program in Uruguay, implementation started i

Public Expenditure Review
Apr 01, 2013

Uruguay recorded a strong macroeconomic performance in the past years. In 2011, Uruguay saw the ninth consecutive year of economic expansion since its 2002 crisis. This marked one of the longest growth periods in...

Policy Research Working Paper
Lustig Nora, Amabile Florencia, Rossi Maximo, Bucheli MarisaMar 01, 2013

How much redistribution does Uruguay accomplish through social spending and taxes? How progressive are revenue collection and social spending? A standard fiscal incidence analysis shows that Uruguay achieves a...

Policy Research Working Paper
Olarreaga Marcelo, Borraz Fernando, Gonzalez Pampillon NicolasJan 01, 2013

The objective of this paper is to explore the impact of Uruguay's privatization and subsequent nationalization of water services on network access and water quality. The results suggest that although the early...