Country Office Contacts
Main Office Contact

Marie-Claire Nzeyimana
Communications Associate

Blvd. de l'Aviation
Bujumbura- Burundi

In Washington:
Sajjad Ali Shah
Country Program Coordinator

1818 H Street NW
Washington DC 20433

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Public Expenditure Review
Dec 02, 2013

This public expenditure review is prepared by the World Bank, in close collaboration with the government of Burundi. This document highlights the significant progress made by Burundi in the recent past. The most...

Policy Research Working Paper
Campos J. Edgardo, Randrianarivelo Benjamina, Winning KayDec 01, 2013

The international development community has been grappling with the challenges of implementing development programs and, consequently, with the design of practical approaches to attaining program objectives. This ...

Policy Research Working Paper
Kida MizuhoAug 01, 2013

This paper analyzes Burundi's medium-term fiscal sustainability in the light of the country's vulnerability to various shocks. Earlier studies have highlighted the country's vulnerability to exogenous shocks...

Working Paper
Renaud AdrienJul 01, 2013

Paying health facilities incentives based on their performance is one form of results-based financing (RBF). Verification of the performance of the providers is a vital part of RBF program implementation. Burundi...

Policy Research Working Paper
Van Bavel Jan, Verwimp PhilipApr 01, 2013

This paper investigates the effect of exposure to violent conflict on human capital accumulation in Burundi. It combines a nationwide household survey with secondary sources on the location and timing of the ...

Philippe Dongier
Country Director for Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda
Jacques Morisset
Lead Economist