Corporate Responsibility

  • The World Bank is committed to managing and reducing its corporate environmental footprint, increasing the well-being of Bank staff, and engaging host communities, all while ensuring that our financial resources are used in the most efficient way possible.
  • The 2015 Sustainability Review summarizes efforts undertaken in our internal operations to make the World Bank an even more sustainable institution. The report is accompanied by a stand-alone GRI index.

Our commitment

The World Bank is committed to operating in a sustainable way in our day-to-day operations. It strives to engage in business practices that enhance the wellbeing of its staff while protecting the ecosystems, communities, and economies in which the Bank operates. 

The World Bank announced its commitment to corporate responsibility in 2002. Since then, noteworthy progress has been made toward mitigating our corporate contribution to climate change, increasing energy efficiency in our facilities, improving sustainable procurement practices, and increasing the public disclosure of our environmental impacts stemming from our internal operations. 

" The World Bank first announced its commitment to corporate responsibility in 2002. "

2015 Sustainability Review

The World Bank’s 2015 Sustainability Review tracks the progress made in the past year on the Bank’s commitment. It details efforts made to magage our corporate impacts on the climate and the places where we work and live, while promoting the wellbeing of the people it employs and ensuring the sustainability of its financial resources.

The sustainability aspects discussed in the 2015 Sustainability Review complement the financial and operational data presented in The World Bank Annual Report 2015. A detailed materiality methodology is used to determine what aspects to include. A short summary is included in the GRI Index.

The Review has been developed to encourage online reading. If you do choose to print the report, please print double-sided, in black and white ink.

" I want us to lead by example as we manage our triple bottom line—environmental, social, and economic impacts. We will continue to reinforce our efforts to prevent pollution, promote more efficient use of natural resources, and manage relationships with our supply chains in a more holistic way. The well-being of the people and the communities where we operate is just as important as the well-being of our staff. "

Statement by President Jim Yong Kim, October 2, 2014

World Bank Corporate Responsibility Program

Accountable to a cross-cutting committee of senior managers, the World Bank Corporate Responsibility Program catalyzes and mainstreams sustainability throughout the institution. It works in partnership with units across the Bank Group, to promote resource efficiency, and to raise awareness among World Bank staff about their everyday impact on such issues as commuting and recycling. The program plays a significant role in increasing transparency about the Bank’s environmental and social commitments, practices, and performance to outside stakeholders, such as civil society organizations and the sustainable and responsible investor community.