• Solicitation Number: IFB 19-0053
  • Issue Date: Aug 24,2018
  • Closing Date: Sep 14,2018


The World Bank intends to renovate 4th floor of its office building in Paris, France located at 66 avenue d’Iena, 75016. The new space will house approximately 20 employees in enclosed offices, as well as support spaces such as meeting rooms, common support facility areas, etc.

The World Bank is therefore seeking to hire a qualified General Contractor to provide such services starting from October 2018.

General Contractors must meet the following requirements to be eligible for a further evaluation.

1.       Minimum average annual revenue in Civil and Interior Works/Construction of euros 500,000 for the last three years from 2015 to 2017.

2.       Demonstrate it has financial capability to successfully support the entire contract

3.       Capable of furnishing a USD 50,000 performance bond (cautionnement) or Bank Guarantee. (The offeror must provide a letter from a surety company confirming that it will provide respondent firm with performance bonds on the Project in an amount equal to or greater than USD 50,000.

4.       Evidence that the Firm is registered and is authorized to engage in the Construction Business, Civil Works, Construction Services in France. Firm must attest that it has all required licenses, permits and related paperwork to operate as a General Contractor in Paris, France and provide evidence that the firm has fully staffed and equipped permanent office within Paris, France.

5.       Offeror must have been in Construction business at least 5 years and must demonstrate that over the last 3 years the firm has successfully and continuously been engaged as a General Contractor in providing similar service to those required in this IFB.

6.       Certification that the company has not been involved in any litigation action in the past 5 years which resulted in damages being awarded to the litigant, based on either failure to perform or poor performance.

7.       Evidence of ability to obtain insurance coverage as stated below:

a)       Worker’s Compensation in accordance with local law or other Social Insurance Applicable to Contractor’s operations.

b)      Builder’s Risk/Contractor All Risks Insurance    Property insurance written on an ‘all risk’ basis covering the property owner and the Contractor for the Works, together with materials and plant to be incorporated therein, and Contractor’s equipment and other things brought onto the site by Contractor, to the full replacement cost during the course of construction until acceptance by Owner.

c)       Automobile Liability Insurance Minimum at least US$100,000 per person per occurrence for death or bodily injury and US$100,000 per occurrence for property damage or loss.

d)      Commercial General Liability Insurance For all operations, including Contingent Liability, coverage for Subcontractors, Products and Completed Operations, and Contractual Liability (to cover assumption of liability under this Contract) with minimum limits of US$1,000,000 per aggregate combined. Contractor shall cause its liability Insurance Provider (s) to name the World Bank Group as an additional insured, as its interest may appear with respect to the Contract.

The solicitation may be obtained by sending an email to the designated Category Manager, referencing the following information:

1.   Solicitation Number

2.   Company Name

3.   Contact Person Name and Title

4.   Address

5.   Telephone Number

6.   Fax Number

7.   Contact's Email Address

A copy of the solicitation will be sent to organizations that have replied to and are eligible to receive this advertisement. All requests and questions regarding this solicitation shall be directed to the following designated Corporate Procurement Category Manager:

Chayut Mathurapote @

The WBG reserves the right to publicly disclose contract award information, including but not limited to, name of company receiving the award, brief description of services, and contract award amount, for any contract award valued over US$250,000.  Offeror's proposal and contractual documents will remain confidential and therefore not subject to disclosure. 

The World Bank reserves the right to reject any or all responses without recourse.