Profile of Rapid Social Response Program

Website Name Rapid Social Response Program
Website Description This site presents information about the Rapid Social Response Program that was established in 2009 to help the world’s poorest countries to build effective social protection systems. RSR is one of the key instruments for implementing the World Bank’s Social Protection and Labor Strategy for Resilience, Equity and Opportunity in IDA-eligible countries.
Website Owner Human Development Network
Business Process
  • Analytic and Advisory Activities
  • Development Research
  • Health Services
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Topic Development Operations & Activities,Health,,Labor & Social Protections,Poverty
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Keywords World Bank social protection, labor strategy, employment, safety nets, aging population, working conditions, civil society, disability pensions, Multi-donor Trust Fund, MDTF, Rapid Social Response, RSR, social assistance
Year Website Created 2012
Date Archived 01/29/2016
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