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Website Name Albania Country Website
Website Description This site contains information on World Bank-assisted programs, data, publications and other information pertaining to Albania.
Website Owner Office of the Regional Vice Pres (ECAVP)
Business Process
  • Analytic and Advisory Activities
  • Country Economic and Sector Work
  • Country Programs and Services
  • Development Research
  • Regional Development
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Topic Development Operations & Activities,Economic Policy,Education,Gender,Industry,Private Sector,Public Sector Governance,Social Development,Urban Development
Region Europe and Central Asia
Country Albania
Language English
Keywords Albania ECA, Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper, National Strategy for Socio-Economic Development (NSSED), overnment, civil society, private sector, parliament, donors, EU, natural resources, rural roads, public investment management
Year Website Created 2012
Date Archived 11/29/2012
Is Website Discontinued? Yes