Sustainable Mobility for All (Sum4All)

May 27, 2017

World Bank Group

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Sustainable Mobility for All

The urgency of bringing coherence and unity to the sector came out loud and clear at the Climate Action Summit in 2016. At the time, the World Bank proposed to bring together interested stakeholders under one umbrella to support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and achieve sustainable mobility. This announcement was welcomed by the now former Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon. Out of this call for action, Sustainable Mobility for All was born.

In January 2017, the initiative was formally established during its first Consortium Meeting in Washington DC, with a workplan and an interim governance arrangement.

No stakeholder alone can drive the systemic transformation required. SuM4All is a growing global coalition of over 50 leading actors in the transport and mobility space with a shared vision to transform the future of mobility.


A world where the global mobility system is an important part of the solution to addressing 21st century global challenges: climate change, global development, poverty reduction and peace.


SuM4All uses the power of its combined voice and financing to act as a powerful tool to transform the system and achieve sustainable mobility.

Our Unique Value

  • Ability to make change happen
  • Strong international credibility 
  • Partner of choice for global and country conversations on mobility solutions
  • Mobilization of an influential network of practitioners, leading organization and thought leaders


We aim for a mobility system with:

  • Universal Access - so no one is excluded from its benefits
  • Efficiency - so scarce resources are well utilized
  • Safety - so transport does not claim lives
  • Green - so mobility helps check climate change and pollution