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The World Bank Group Archives periodically publishes online exhibits highlighting the holdings of the Archives or aspects of the Bank's history. Below are some of the most recent or popular exhibits. Older exhibits have been converted to pdf and transferred to the World Bank's online publication database, Documents & Reports, where they form the World Bank Group Archives Exhibit Series.

The World Bank

A Bold Vision to Defeat River Blindness

Fifty years ago, the World Bank Group, led by President Robert S. McNamara, embarked on a new path that would become the organization’s first foray into the health sector of developing countries. The Onchocerciasis Control Program (OCP), instituted by the Bank Group and its partners in 1972, was ultimately one of the greatest coordination successes in the history of the organization. This exhibit surveys the conception, implementation, and evolution of the program. For those interested in researching further, the exhibit also features a documentary on the program, audio of a speech by President McNamara at the signing of the onchocerciasis fund agreement, and pdfs containing folder lists of archival records, some of which have been digitized.