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The World Bank Group Archives periodically publishes online exhibits highlighting the holdings of the Archives or aspects of the Bank's history. Below are some of the most recent or popular exhibits. Older exhibits have been converted to pdf and transferred to the World Bank's online publication database, Documents & Reports, where they form the World Bank Group Archives Exhibit Series.

The World Bank

The World Bank Group's Role in the India Consortium

In the early years of the World Bank, there was a growing awareness, both within the Bank and by low-income countries, of the limits of available development assistance. Certain countries required more funds to carry out their development plans yet were also incurring mounting debt. In 1958, India was threatened by a balance of payments crisis midway through its Second Five-Year Development Plan. The Indian government requested the World Bank Group to organize additional financial support. Bank Group President Eugene R. Black took immediate action and organized a meeting to consult with interested parties and explore solutions to India's emergency.