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Digital Collections

Starting Points

These tools can inform your search for records and answer many research questions without needing to use the full Archives Catalog.


Online Access to Archives Holdings

Archival records may be accessed online in two ways:


Archives Catalog

A portion of the World Bank Group’s vast collection is available electronically thanks to our ongoing Digitization Program.

Browse Digital Objects to exclusively view the digitized portion of the collection.

Search or browse the complete Archives Catalog for the entire collection, including descriptions of the millions of analog records that are not yet available electronically.


Projects & Operations

Discover final project documents and reports or access folder lists of project-related archival records. Records that have been digitized are accessible here.

Search projects by keyword or browse by CountrySector, or Theme.

The World Bank

Explore the Resources of the World Bank Archives

This short video describes the many resources available electronically that can help answer your research question or prepare you to undertake more indepth archival research.

The World Bank

Welcome to Open Archives

Our Open Archives brochure summarizes the various avenues for research offered by the World Bank Group Archives.

The World Bank

World Bank Group History: Exploring the Archives

This video surveys the course of the World Bank Group’s history while introducing the various types of records that can be found in the Archives’ holdings.