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Management Systems for Controlling Air Pollution

The World Bank Group contributes to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with the co-benefit of improving air quality.  Support focuses on strengthening institutions and stakeholder capacity to manage air pollution, as well as promoting policies and programs for adopting cleaner technologies. World Bank Group activities also focus on strengthening capacity of regulators, implementing agencies, and financial institutions.

$ 0.11 billion committed (IBRD/IDA)

$ 0.05 billion disbursed

Commitments are the sum of amounts of financing that the World Bank has committed to support lending operations towards achieving the objective of (fill in title of objective). Disbursements are the sum of financing spent by operations towards achieving this objective.

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  • Mizoram State Roads II- Regional Transport Connectivity Project

    The objective of the Second Mizoram State Roads Regional Transport Connectivity Project (MSRP II) is to increase transport connectivity along regional trade corridors in Mizoram. There are two components to the project, the first component being improvement of priority cross-border roads and trade-related infrastructure. This component includes: widening and strengthening of 91km of road and preparation studies for approximately 330km of road; and construction or improvement of trade-related infrastructure along project roads including market haat structures and truck stop. Finally, the second component is the road sector modernization and performance enhancement through institutional strengthening. This component will support gradual transformation of Public Works Department, or PWD into a modern road agency through implementation of a Road Sector Modernization Plan (RSMP) which will carry forward and deepen various institutional development initiatives introduced under the MSRP I.

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