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Improving India’s human capital as a critical long-term investment required to eliminate extreme poverty and foster India’s middle class

The World Bank Group supports India’s efforts to achieve growth of more than eight percent with a focus on promoting greater resource efficiency. Through a multi-sectoral approach, the World Bank Group seeks results that will contribute to improved productivity, better use of natural and physical resources, and increased resilience for India’s economy and people. In particular, the World Bank Group supports India in its global leadership role of developing renewable energy and disaster resilient infrastructure. Major aspects of resource efficiency also will help India achieve its nationally defined contributions to address global climate change. Key objectives include:

  • Promoting more resource-efficient, inclusive and diversified growth in the rural sector;
  • Improving living conditions and sustainability of cities;
  • Improving management systems for controlling air pollution;
  • Increasing access to sustainable energy; and,
  • Improving disaster risk management and resilience to climate change.

$ 12.02 billion committed (IBRD/IDA)

$ 3.98 billion disbursed

Commitments are the sum of amounts of financing that the World Bank has committed to support lending operations towards achieving the objective of (fill in title of objective). Disbursements are the sum of financing spent by operations towards achieving this objective.


Resource-Efficient Growth in the Rural Sector

The World Bank Group supports the reorientation of agriculture from production targets to income growth with a focus on shifting towards high value crops, boosting agribusiness and developing

Livability and Sustainability of Cities

The World Bank Group is strategically and selectively expanding engagement in the urban sector through raising the urban policy dialogue, institutional strengthening, and leveraging

Management Systems for Controlling Air Pollution

The World Bank Group contributes to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with the co-benefit of improving air quality. Support focuses on strengthening institutions and

Access to Sustainable Energy

The World Bank Group focuses on increased access to reliable power for all citizens, scaling-up renewable energy generation, and promoting energy efficiency. It works to strengthen the

Disaster Risk Management

The World Bank Group works with the government of India on implementation of its National Disaster Management Plan, with assessing risks and incorporating disaster risk