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Human Capital

Improving India’s human capital as a critical long-term investment required to eliminate extreme poverty and foster India’s middle class

The World Bank Group supports India’s development of human capital with a stronger focus on improving the quality of services while continuing to support efforts to ensure access to key services. The approach recognizes India’s significant strides in making basic education and health services broadly available, but quality of these services needs improvement. Strengthening public sector institutions are a critical element to improving service delivery in these sectors. Key objectives to help India strengthen its human capital include:

  • Enhancing investment in the early years of children’s development;
  • Improving the quality of education in schools and colleges;
  • Increasing access to improved rural water supply and sanitation services;
  • Improving the quality of health service delivery and financing as well as access to quality healthcare; and,
  • Improving the coverage and coordination of social protection systems.
$ 5.41 billion committed (IBRD/IDA)

$ 2.08 billion disbursed

Commitments are the sum of amounts of financing that the World Bank has committed to support lending operations towards achieving the objective of (fill in title of objective). Disbursements are the sum of financing spent by operations towards achieving this objective.


Early child development

Investing in children’s early years — in health, nutrition and early childhood development— is a critical down payment to long-term competitiveness. The World Bank Group focuses on bringing together these related sectors in a more comprehensive and complementing approach to put children on a solid path towards

Health Care

The World Bank Group partners with public and private institutions to improve the quality of healthcare delivery, access, as well as supporting the rollout of universal health coverage and health insurance. The World Bank Group focuses on strengthening systems for planning,


Better quality education is an important investment in a more prosperous India over the long term. India is taking steps to improve education quality and learning outcomes at every level of the education system. The World Bank Group partners with India in employing a comprehensive life cycle approach for education to

Social Protection

The World Bank Group supports India to improve the effectiveness of social protection (SP) systems to increase resilience to shocks that can force vulnerable populations into poverty. This includes improving both coverage and coordination of social protection systems in the states.

Rural Water Supply and Sanitation

Increasing access to improved and sustainable water supply and sanitation services is critical to developing human capital to unleash the growth potential of rural areas. The World Bank Group builds on a wide range of programs to increase access to piped water supply and reduce open defecation,