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    Business Ready (B-READY)

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Business Ready (B-READY)

The World Bank Group is implementing a new corporate flagship, Business Ready (B-READY), to assess the business and investment environment worldwide annually.

B-READY improves upon and replaces Doing Business. Updates on the development of the new B-READY project will be published on this website as they become available.

The project's Concept Note (published in December 2022) presents the objectives and approach of the project, as well as basic information on its topics and indicators. The Concept Note also provides details on the roll out of the piloting stage, geographical coverage, and tentative timeline. It is informed by the feedback received during the public consultation process and extensive comments from the World Bank Group (WBG).

The B-READY Manual and Guide and the Methodology Handbook (published in May 2023) build on and develop the Concept Note. The Manual and Guide presents the protocols, processes, safeguards, and resources related to the end-to-end production of the B-READY data and reports. It presents the basis for transparency, quality, and integrity of the B-READY project.

The Methodology Handbook describes the project’s detailed measurement methodology. First, it presents the objectives, approach, and scope of B-READY. Then, for each of the topic areas, it provides the motivation, selected indicators, detailed questionnaires, benchmarking parameters, detailed scoring rules, and data collection sources. The Manual and Guide and Methodology Handbook complement each other.

Read the B-READY Manual and Guide

Read the B-READY Methodology Handbook

Read the Concept Note*

*At the time of the publication of the pre-Concept Note, the Public Consultations: Consolidated Comments, and the Concept Note, this project was temporarily named with the working title Business Enabling Environment (BEE).

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