IDA18 Retrospective

Investing In Growth, Resilience And Opportunity Through Innovation


IDA18 at Work With Ambitious Innovation

1.1. Introduction

1.2. IDA18’s Innovative Financing Model

1.3. Increasing IDA’s Role in Situations of Fragility, Conflict, and Violence

1.4. Catalyzing Private Investment in IDA Countries

1.5. Stepped-up Representation of Clients

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Investing in Growth, Resilience, and Opportunity

2.1. Strong Progress with Indications of COVID-related Setbacks

2.2. IDA18’s Allocation Process Provided Flexible Support to IDA Countries

2.3. Special Themes

2.4. Addressing Specific Development Needs Through Dedicated Windows and Facilities

2.5. IDA-supported Results: From Inputs to Impact

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Delivery Trends

3.1. Overall Trends in Financial Delivery

3.2. Transforming Knowledge to Action

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Looking Forward

4.1. Lessons Learned

4.2. Adjustments in IDA19

4.3. IDA19 and Beyond

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Appendix A. Overall Delivery Trends

Appendix B. IDA18 Policy Commitments

Appendix C. IDA18 Windows


Policy Commitments


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