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Spring Meetings
April 15 - 20, 2024

Venues & Services

Meeting Venues

The Spring Meetings will take place in the World Bank MC, J, and F buildings, and IMF HQ1 and HQ2 buildings. The core days of the 2024 World Bank Spring Meetings will be from April 17-19, with ancillary meetings taking place Monday, April 15 through Saturday April 20.

Publications Desk
World Bank Publications

The Spring Meetings Bookstore in the MC lobby will be open from Tuesday, April 16 to Saturday, April 19, offering a selection of World Bank and IMF publications for purchase. All Bank publications are available for free download from the Open Knowledge Repository. Stay informed about the latest titles by exploring the SM2024 catalog. Hours for the publication counter will be 9:30 am – 5:00 pm (Tuesday to Friday) and 9:30 am – 3:00 pm (Saturday).

The World Bank
2023 Spring Meeting Event Replays

Watch replays online

Limited banking services, including cashing of travelers chcks and foreign currency exchange, are available in the headquarters buildings during regular business hours, but will be closed over the weekend. These services are limited to Bank-Fund Credit Union members only. These services are also available at most hotels. 

ATMs are available within the World Bank buildings at the following locations: 

  • WBG MC - Level C1, Level C2, and Main Lobby near NW elevators
  • WBG J Building - Main Lobby

Other nearby Banks include: 

  • Bank of America: 1900 F Street NW

A Business Center equipped with lounge seating and print/copy capabilities will be available in the front lobby of the MC Building from Monday, April 5, through Saturday, April 20. Business Center staff will be available to help attendees with any questions. 

Business Center Conference Rooms will be available to accommodate meetings of up to 40 people. These conference rooms are offered "as-is" and furniture layouts cannot be customized, and IT/AV support is not available. These rooms can be reserved in 30-minute blocks of time, up to 2 hours. 

To book a conference room, reserve a Business Center Conference Room via EMS. Those without access to EMS may download the Meeting Request Form and submit it using the button on the bottom of the form. 

Questions about videoconferencing within these rooms or arranging for interpretation for in-person meetings can be directed to

The schedule for available food and beverage options throughout the week of the Meetings will be posted at a later date.

World Bank Group souvenirs, logoed items, and sundries will be available in the Spring Meetings store in the MC Lobby, and at Cafe Nation (located on the MC C1 level). The Spring Meetings store in the MC lobby will be opon from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Tuesday, April 16 through Friday, April 19. Cafe Nation is open 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday, April 15, through Friday, April 19, and from 7:30 AM - 3:00 PM on Saturday, April 20.

Spring Meetings participants should follow prevailing health and safety guidance. Participants feeling unwell should not come to the Meetings Venues.

Health and medical service will be provided by the MedStar Health Clinic, located in the Bank MC Building, Level C2. In addition to the normal weekday operations, from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., the Health Clinic will be available, as needed, on Saturday, April 20. Participants who have medicines requiring refrigeration may use the facilities in the Health Clinic for this purpose. For non-emergent medical needs, contact the on-site Medstar clinic at +1-202-842-1500 during office hours.

Emergency ambulance service can be requested by dialing 88888 from within any WBG building and 39911 from within any IMF building. For emergencies outside the IMF/WBG buildings, dial 911.

An information desk will be available in the MC lobby from Monday, April 15, through Saturday, April 20. An information desk will also be available in the I building near Registration from Monday, April 15, through Friday, April 19. 

Information desks will be located in the IMF HQ1 and HQ2 buildings from Monday, April 15, through Saturday, April 20.  

In an emergency, the buildings may be evacuated, or you may be told to remain indoors until the situation has been resolved. In either instance, you will be notified by public address announcement, messages on digital signage/video monitors, or by security personnel. If you are mobility-impaired and cannot evacuate, call the Emergency Response number listed below or seek assistance using one of the emergency phones located in every stairwell on each floor of both IMF buildings.

Security Tips

Visibly display your Meetings ID badge at all times inside the venues. Keep your ID badge in a secure place when outside the security perimeter, but readily accessible in order to display it upon request at security checkpoints.

  • Immediately report the loss of your ID badge to security.
  • Do not leave laptops, mobile phones, or other personal items unattended.

In line with our organizational mission and the Sustainable Development Goals, World Bank HQ has implemented a campus-wide waste disposal system to improve recycling and composting efforts and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. In the common areas on each floor of the buildings, you will find 4 color-coded collection bins with detailed signage indicating what materials are to be placed in each: 

Green: Recycling - Paper, including water boxes and cardboard

Blue: Recycling - Other recyclables, like bottles, cans, and plastic

Red: Composting - Compostables, including food waste and all WB take-away containers

Black: Landfill - Any items that can't be recycled/composted. If you are unsure, place items here.

We encourage attendees to assist our sustainability efforts and respect our planet's resources by doing your part to reduce our overall environmental footprint. 

No dedicated transportation service will be provided between the airports and Meetings venues or Official Hotels. Participants should arrange their own transportation. Parking facilities are not available for attendees at the Spring Meetings venues. 

Shuttles: Shuttle service will be provided from the Bank MC and F buildings from Monday, April 15, to Friday, April 19. Shuttles will pick-up in front of the MC building (on Pennsylvania Avenue when the perimeter is up) and will run on a 30-minute loop between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

Metro: Attendees are encouraged to use public transportation when possible; parking facilities are not available for attendees at the Spring Meetings venues. The closest metro station to the Spring Meetings is the Farragut West Station on the Blue/Orange/Silver lines, and the Farragut North station on the red line. Visit the Metro website for more information.

DC Circulator:

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Badges and Access

The public program of events will be streamed on World Bank Live. These events are open to everyone and registration is not required to view the event streams.

Registration is required for external participants to access the Meetings venues and attend events. Bank and Fund staff do not need to register and can access the buildings with their staff IDs. 

Spring Meetings badges will permit entry into the World Bank MC, J, I, and F buildings, and IMF HQ1 and HQ2 buildings, from Monday, April 15 until Saturday, April 20. For delegates only, Spring Meetings badges will allow access through Friday, April 26. 

During the Meetings, everyone, including Spring Meetings badge holders, will be subject to x-ray and magnetometer screening before entry into the building, and participants should allow extra time for this process. 

A security perimeter will be in place around the Bank MC and IMF HQ1 and HQ2 buildings from Wednesday evening, April 17, through Friday evening, April 19. 


The World Bank Group is committed to providing access to events and supporting Spring/Annual Meetings participants with disabilities. Please contact to let us know if you require accessibility accommodations. Every effort will be made to accommodate reasonable advance requests.

Bank buildings are ADA accessible: exterior doors and conference areas have ADA push-button door openers, with elevators to serve all floors and elevators with braille labels and vocal prompts in the SE and SW corners of the MC building. Each building has wheelchair-accessible restrooms and water fountains. 

For those requiring wheelchairs or other mobility devices, arrangements should be made with outside providers. Those requiring mobility assistance in the event of an emergency should advise the WBG security guards upon arrival, or call security at +1-202-458-8888 in advance, to provide their name and dates they will be on-site.