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Spring Meetings
April 10 - 16, 2023


The Meetings are usually attended approximately 2,800 delegates from our member countries, 350 observer organization representatives and 800 members of the press. Approximately 550 accredited civil society members also participate in the Meetings. 

To view the PDF list of participants for the 2023 Spring Meetings, click here. It will updated weekly.


Observer Organizations

Observers are the representatives of international, regional and economic organizations that are invited by the World Bank Group and IMF to attend the Meetings and participate in the proceedings. Click here to view a list of the Observer organizations to the 2022 Annual Meetings.

World Bank Live

World Bank Live is the World Bank's digital platform for live-streaming and engaging with global audiences in open and two-way conversations about international development.


WBG Corporate Social Media Channels

Follow the conversation and see the work the World Bank Group is doing before, during, and after the Meetings. WBG Corporate Social Media Channels keep you connected.