The 2020 Spring Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group will move to a virtual format. The Spring Meetings will feature the Development Committee and the International Monetary and Financial Committee plenary sessions, which discuss progress on the work of the institutions. 

The Spring Meetings are comprised of the Development Committee and International Monetary and Finance Committee events, the World Bank Group and the IMF organize and host a number of related meetings of groups of country delegations, such as the G-20, G-24, Commonwealth, BRICS, the Program of Events, the Civil Society Policy Forum (CSPF) and other events.

For the 2020 Spring Meetings, The IMF and the World Bank Group will proceed with the meetings of the International Monetary and Financial Committee and Development Committee virtually.

Unless listed as an "open" event, admission to meetings is restricted by registration category, credentials, and/or invitations. 

Open, Open to Press, or By Invitation Only

  • Open: The Program of Events (Seminars) and Civil Society Policy Forum (with the exception of the CSO Roundtable) are open to all registered Spring Meetings participants and invited World Bank Group/IMF staff.
  • Open to Press: Press Events and Regional/Economic briefings are aimed at the media, and only Press may attend. The schedule can be filtered to view Press events.
  • By Invitation Only: Meetings related to official World Bank Group/IMF business, Ministerial Meetings, Roundtable Discussions, and High-Level fora, are by invitation only. Smaller business meetings (such as partners' meetings and technical briefings) will be held throughout the venues and are not intended for, nor open to, all registered Spring Meetings participants. 

Program of Events 

The Program of Events have been cancelled because of the decision to adapt the Meetings to a virtual format. The Programs are expected to return to their regular format for the 2020 Annual Meetings.

Civil Society Policy Forum

The Civil Society Policy Forum is expected to be held at the 2020 Annual Meetings. The World Bank Group and IMF are committed to listening to civil society groups through information sharing, dialogue, and consultation at the global, regional and national levels. We will continue our engagement with civil society as usual outside the Meetings and will work with a group of civil society representatives advising us on what form our engagement could take during the Meetings. 


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