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Information about the Country Director Database

  • This database contains country director data from Oct. 1, 1972 to May 20, 2020. Users can browse or search by country director name or country. Filter by country director, country, date range, or gender. Sort your results or download them as an Excel spreadsheet.
  • The position of country director was created as part of a Bank-wide reorganization implemented on Oct. 1, 1972. The country director reports to the regional vice president and is responsible for the execution of sector and project work in one or more assigned countries. They, along with staff such as resident mission representatives, manage the Bank’s relationship with borrowing member countries. While most country directors were initially stationed in Washington, D.C., by the late 1990s, many had been relocated to country offices.
  • The information in this resource has been combined from a variety of sources, including administrative systems, internal communications and directories, project reports, and the work of past World Bank Group archivists. In some cases, contradictory information was identified. Best efforts have been made to provide complete and reliable information.
  • Due to the nature of the authoritative sources used for this database, users may encounter an “acting or unidentified Country Director.” This occurs because: 1) there were occasionally time gaps between a former and in-coming country director and an acting director would be assigned temporarily; or 2) precise start and end dates for a director’s tenure were not available in the authoritative sources. In either case, an individual would be assigned to cover country director responsibilities, but the authoritative data was not updated with comprehensive information.