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Sector Departments

Sector departments were created as part of a Bank-wide reorganization in 1972. Prior to 1972, all sector staff resided in the Projects Department and were responsible for the full range of sector-related functions. After the termination of the Projects Department in 1972, sector staff responsible for the identification, appraisal, and supervision of projects was moved into the Regional Vice Presidencies. The remaining staff were placed in sector departments in the Central Projects Staff Vice Presidency (CPSVP) and were originally responsible for activities such as: sector policy and guideline development; operational support and review; recruitment assistance; and staff development and training. The records described in these descriptions originated in these types of non-operational sector departments.

Fonds descriptions in bold have been described to the series level. The series-level description organizes the records of each fonds around a particular function of the records creator. Each series-level description provides a detailed scope and content and links to folder-level inventories of the records in that series.