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Complete List of Fonds

The complete list of fonds combines the descriptions found in each of the thematic fonds list pages to form a single list of all fonds-level descriptions arranged and described by the World Bank Group Archives. 

Fonds descriptions in bold have been described to the series level. The series-level description organizes the records of each fonds around a particular function of the records creator. Each series-level description provides a detailed scope and content and links to folder-level inventories of the records in that series.

General Management and Administrative Units


Consultative Groups

Includes Consultative Groups which the World Bank sponsors and serves as or contributes to the Secretariat. Groups consist of public, private and/or international organizations and aim to coordinate and raise funds for financial and technical assistance and research.


Regional Units

Regional Vice Presidencies are responsible for lending operations, including project identification and supervision, economic and sector work, and country relations.


Sector Departments

Sector departments were created as a result of a Bank-wide reorganization in 1972. Prior to 1972, all sector staff resided in the Projects Department and were responsible for the full range of sector-related functions. After the termination of the Projects Department in 1972, sector staff responsible for the identification, appraisal, and supervision of projects was moved into the Regional Vice Presidencies. The remaining staff were placed in sector departments in the Central Projects Staff Vice Presidency (CPSVP) and were originally responsible for activities such as: sector policy and guideline development; operational support and review; recruitment assistance; and staff development and training. The records described in these descriptions originated in these types of non-operational sector departments.


Sector Vice Presidencies and Networks

Sector Vice Presidencies were responsible for coordinating and guiding the work of sector departments, the units responsible for sector policy and best practice development, staff training, special assignments, and other non-operational activities. Sector Networks succeeded the VPs in 1997 and, in addition to the functions of their predecessors, were responsible for establishing and maintaining links between Bank-wide communities of staff based on sector.


Personal Papers and Non-Bank Records

Personal paper fonds contain records which have not been in the permanent custody of the World Bank since their creation. This can include records which originated in the Bank but were removed from its custody by a staff member and later returned or records that did not originate in the Bank but have been transferred into the Archives’ custody.


Individual Staff Members

Individual Staff Members fonds contain records that were accumulated by individual staff from the various offices in which they served. Because the records cover the individual’s work in more than one office, the records cannot be assigned to a fonds for a single office.

Individual Staff Members



World Bank history, reference collection

  • Bretton Woods documents, Franklin D. Roosevelt Library
  • Bank history documents, Harry S. Truman Presidential Library
  • CGIAR founding documents, US National Archives
  • J. Burke Knapp papers, Hoover Institution