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InterPARES Trust Symposium

The World Bank

Do you trust your records online? Individuals and organizations are increasingly making, storing and accessing records in the highly networked, easily hacked environment of the Internet. But, where are these records, how well are they being managed, how long will they be available?

"Trust in the Cloud: New Research in Digital Records Preservation" is the 3rd International Symposium of InterPARES Trust and is hosted by the World Bank Group Archives in Washington, DC. The keynote address will be given by Dr. Luciana Duranti, followed by presentations about cloud computing, trustworthiness and preservation of digital records and data from national and international research partners.

InterPARES Trust aims to produce frameworks that will support the development of integrated and consistent local, national and international networks of policies, procedures, regulations, standards and legislation concerning digital records entrusted to the Internet, to ensure public trust grounded on evidence of good governance, and a persistent digital memory.