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Records Management Roadmap

The Records Management Roadmap is a multi-part toolkit, designed to help governments and public-sector organizations implement strategic and coordinated improvements in records management.

The primary audience for this Roadmap is governments, organizations, or other agencies around the world that wish to develop and improve the management of their organizational records or other sources of documentary evidence.

The Roadmap is a self-contained resource, including instructional information and guidance, assessment tools, explanations of terms and concepts, and resource materials, to allow organizations to evaluate their own records management needs and identify priorities for action.

Why should you use the Roadmap?

This Roadmap aims to help your organization plan and design an effective records management program, one that your organization can support and maintain over time. The several parts that make up this Roadmap form a package – a “toolkit” – that helps organizations

  • assess the strengths, gaps, and weaknesses in current records management practices
  • set targets for change and improvement in those practices
  • plan strategic actions to enhance operations
  • identify best-practice resources
  • achieve continuous improvements over time.

How does your organization develop a good records management program? This Roadmap is designed to help you get there. Let’s get started on your journey!

What does the Roadmap include?

The Records Management Roadmap contains nine parts:

Explains the purpose and structure of the Roadmap, discusses the intended audience for the tools, and offers suggestions for how you can use this tool to support records management for your own organization.
Illustrates all the destinations and milestones in the Roadmap.
Helps your organization determine its strengths and weaknesses in records management.
Confirms your organization’s levels of progress for the different destinations and milestones identified in the assessment.
Lists the documentary products your organization might develop to support improvements in its records management operations.
Helps your organization locate best-practice examples and guidance in records management planning and development.
Key records management terms used in the Roadmap.


We welcome your feedback! If you have suggestions on how to make this Roadmap better, please write to us: ArchivesRMguidelines@worldbank.org