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The Power Markets Database


While there are ample data on key outcomes of the power sector (e.g., access rates, generation capacity, consumption, etc.), data on the structural characteristics of power markets that generate these outcomes are scant. Where available, the data reside in a variety of national and regional sources. The structural characteristics of power markets and their evolution are important not only to inform policy design, but also to signal investment opportunities. These characteristics also help in answering key questions like why some markets perform better than others, what incentives are available for private investors to participate in certain power markets, and how regulations shape the development of power markets.

The Power Markets Database presents data on the structural characteristics and development stage of power markets in 50 developing and emerging markets around the world. The database draws from IFC’s AIMM Framework, which evaluates markets in terms of five attributes or market objectives: competitiveness, resilience, integration, sustainability, and inclusiveness. IFC maps indicators to each of these market attributes.

Specifically, the database contains information on over 80 indicators covering issues such as the number of private players in the market and their corresponding market share, the existence of domestic and cross-border electricity trading arrangements, the structure of electricity networks, the structure of tariffs and rates, the availability of demand response programs, and the availability of policy support for renewable energy, among others. IFC produced the database as part of its Flagship Report on “Creating Markets: Power Markets for Development”. The database will be updated every two years. The dashboard below showcases selected indicators across countries. The full dataset and country snapshots are also available for download.

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The data were compiled through a variety of secondary sources including desk reviews of annual reports from energy regulators, power companies, and think thanks; legal documents on the energy sector; World Bank energy reports and strategies; and databases on electricity markets (including proprietary databases such as S&P Global Market Intelligence). The consolidation of data residing in different outlets into a single database is a unique feature of this database. IFC selected the indicators describing the development of power markets through an extensive literature review and consultations with experts. The full list of references and summary of literature review are available for download.


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