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Our Structure

The World Bank Accountability Mechanism (AM) is headed by AM Secretary who is appointed by the Board of Executive Directors for one five-year non-renewable term and reports directly to the Board. The Accountability Mechanism Secretary establishes and manages the AM’s work program, budget and staffing, and oversees all administrative matters regarding mechanism.

The AM Secretary also oversees the Dispute Resolution Service (DRS), which provides an independent and voluntary opportunity to complainants and borrowers to resolve disputes. The DRS maintains a pool of mediators who are qualified to deliver dispute resolution appropriate to the case. 

The Inspection Panel consists of three members who are appointed by and report directly to the Board for five-year non-renewable terms. Members are selected on the basis of their ability to deal thoroughly and fairly with the complaints brought to them, their integrity and independence from Bank management, and their exposure to developmental issues and living conditions in developing countries. 

For its fact-finding and investigations, the Panel also hires independent, internationally recognized experts to ensure objective and professional assessment of the issues under review.

The Accountability Mechanism is supported by a Secretariat. Staff working on compliance matters report to the AM Secretary on administrative matters but to Panel members on technical matters.