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Independent Accountability Mechanisms Network

IAMnet group photo 2022

Group photo at IAMnet Annual Meeting in October 2022

News & Events

IAMnet Annual Meeting Oct 24-27, 2022

In total, 126 individuals from the IAMnet participated, with an additional 33 representatives joining for CSO day.

IAMnet group photo at 2022 annual meeting

Member Publications & Reports

January 2023

CAO's advisory report on remedy

Drawing from CAO case experience, the first note, “The Role of Dispute Resolution in Remedy,” identifies opportunities for IFC and MIGA to support remedial outcomes for project-affected people via CAO dispute resolution processes.

January 2023

CAO’s report on Responsible Exit

Based on interviews, a roundtable discussion, a survey, and literature review, the study presents key findings and offers conclusions on advancing responsible exit strategies for investment institutions, as well as an analysis of the study’s implications for IFC.

December 2021

Right to be Heard

The Inspection Panel published its publication of the seventh report in the Inspection Panel’s Emerging Lessons Series titled: Right to be Heard: Intimidation and Reprisals in World Bank Inspection Panel Complaints.

January 2019

Guide for IAMs on measures to address the risk of reprisals

This publication commissioned by MICI is a practical tool to assist independent accountability mechanisms (IAMs) address the risk of reprisals within the context of their complaint management process. This product provides general guidance and an array of tools and resources for IAMs to learn about and use as relevant.

September 2016

Criteria for participation and principles of cooperation

The Independent Accountability Mechanisms (IAMs) Network seeks to identify and foster means for collaboration, cooperation and knowledge sharing amongst these institutions.

January 2016

Glass Half Full? The State of Accountability in Development Finance

To what extent are IAMs and the DFIs that administer them effective in providing remedy for human rights harm to complainants? This research evaluates the policies and practices of 11 IAMs and corresponding DFIs from the perspective of the users – both those people who have been directly affected by the DFI-financed activities and have filed complaints to the IAMs (complainants), and the civil society organisations that support them.

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