Guangdong launches Green Freight Demonstration Project

October 12, 2011

Guangdong Province launched the Green Freight Demonstration Project today to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions of its truck fleets. The US$ 14 million project is a partnership between the Guangdong Government, World Bank and the Global Environment Facility (GEF).

"Guangdong Province is committed to making its freight sector greener and more competitive at the same time", stated Mr. Yang Xiping, Deputy Director-General of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Transport at the launch ceremony. "Energy efficient technologies are one way of achieving this and the government can facilitate making technologies more accessible for trucking companies."

Under the project, companies can avail government rebates for energy efficient technologies installed on their trucks, covering tires, aerodynamics, and driver behavior diagnostic systems. Cash rewards will also be granted to them if they operate the installed technologies and provide required monitoring and evaluation reports.

According to the Chinese Ministry of Transport, China’s road freight transport accounts for 44% of total transport sector fuel consumption, which is about 15% of total national crude oil, and emitting about 350 million tons of CO2 in 2010. “The potential for savings is huge because the fuel efficiency of trucks running on roads in China is about 30% lower than that in advanced OECD countries,” explained Mr. Ede Ijjasz, World Bank’s China Sector Manager for Sustainable Development.

To kick start the project, the Guangdong International Green Freight Trade Fair is held in Shenzhen from November 12 to 14 to make truck companies more familiar with available technologies on the Chinese market. Combined with the Shenzhen International Logistics Transportation Fair, over 10,000 visitors are expected. In parallel, over 60y policy makers, truck companies, and international experts will discuss at the Guangdong Green Freight Workshop how to maximize fuel savings through the project and make maximum use of existing international experience. The Trade Fair and workshop were organized by the Guangdong Department of Transport together with the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia) ,with the support from the Chinese Ministry of Transport, World Bank and GEF.

For more information please contact:

Project Management Office for the GEF Green Freight Demonstration Project

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