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Peer Review Services

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About Us

Part of the Internal Justice Services of the World Bank Group (WBG), Peer Review Services (PRS) offers WBG employees the opportunity to receive an independent, objective and impartial review, by a panel of WBG peers, of whether an employment-related decision, action or inaction by management was consistent with the terms and conditions of their employment. Examples include terminations of employment and non-selection for a job position. Anyone who has or has had an employment contract the WBG, including consultants and former employees, can file with PRS. See more on how to file on the Peer Review Process page. PRS is part of the WBG’s continuing efforts to create a conflict-competent workplace. The Peer Review process is intended to promote trust, mutual respect, and communication between staff and management, with an emphasis on resolution and not adjudication.

PRS’ mandate under Staff Rule 9.03 does not include any of the following:

  • Set or change WBG Staff Rules, policy and procedures, or WBG employment benefits;
  • Review decisions of the Benefits and Finance Administrators, or related to the WBG Pension Benefits and Retirement Plans;
  • Review challenges to the validity of a settlement agreement or memorandum of understanding between the WBG and an employee;
  • Review decisions involving claims for workers’ compensation benefits, disability insurance benefits, or health insurance benefits provided to enrolled employees and dependents by the WBG Medical Insurance or Benefits Plans;
  • Review misconduct investigations and imposition of disciplinary measures under Staff Rules 3.00, 8.01, or 8.02;
  • Review performance management decisions* (examples include annual performance evaluations);
  • Review decisions by the WBG President, the WBG Chief Ethics Officer or the WBG Human Resources Vice President regarding outside activities including requests to accept a public office or outside employment under the provisions of Staff Rules 3.01 and 3.02, or decisions to place an employee on administrative leave;
  • Review decisions for which specialized appeal procedures may be established, or when Peer Review is excluded specifically.

*Please note: A separate Performance Management Review (PMR) process is available for current staff members to request a neutral review of a performance management decision .


Mailing Address

Peer Review Services
1776 G Street NW
Washington DC 20433
Room: G 4-191
Mail Stop G 4-400
+1(202) 473 5884
FAX: +1(202) 522-2709