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Temporary Assignment - Start



Temporary Assignments are assignments to a position/re-assignment in HQ, Satellite Office, or Country Office (CO) for more than 12 months and less than five years.

For more information, refer to Staff Rule 06.17. Also, refer to Global Mobility Support Framework (GMSF) for details on assignment benefits, such as the Cost of Living Allowance (COLA), Daily Subsistence Allowances, Fragile States Premium, Hardship Differential, Housing guidelines, Immigration issues, Non-Family Post locations, Travel grants, Tax considerations, Travel and Shipping Insurance, Family Assistance Allowance. It also features a link to the Global Mobility Benefits Estimator.

Good practice is for 'Pre-Assignment' to precede the 'Non-Competitive Reassignment' action.




Action by Staff


Initiate the 'Pre-Assignment' action in myHR Self-Service more than 60 days prior to the start of the assignment.


  • Re-entry guarantee must be included by the releasing manager before approving the action.
  • The 'Pre-Assignment' action can be initiated by the receiving manager as well, as it is available in Manager Self-Service.
  • The ‘Pre-Assignment’ action needs to be approved by CAO, releasing and receiving manager.
    When action is approved, it automatically creates a Personnel Action Form (PAF) in Peoplesoft.
  • If you are unable to initiate the HR action successfully and have access to the intranet, Write to HR. Else, send an email to HR Operations.

Action by Receiving Manager


Initiate the 'Non-Competitive Reassignment' action, including the position number provided by HR Position Management.


Depending on the type of the assignment (Strategic, managed or within VPU, with or without change in title), the workflow changes. For more information, refer to Reassignment— Non-Competitive.


Action by HR Operations/Global Mobility Team


Send a congratulatory note to the staff member copying relevant relocation partners listing the steps for relocation and a summary of benefits with an estimated benefits table for the assignment, including shipment and housing benefit options for the staff member’s review and decision.


Initiate the medical clearance process with Health Services Department (HSD).


Medical Clearance process is not required for relocations to Washington D.C. and Western Europe.


Schedule relocation briefing with staff member.


Action by Health Services Department (HSD)


Send a medical questionnaire to the staff member.


Action by Staff (During Relocation Process)


Send the completed questionnaire to HSD.


It is also recommended that the staff member participate in a health briefing led by HSD.


Respond to summary of benefits email indicating the benefits election.


  • Retain the case number in the subject line of the email so that request reaches case manager faster.
  • If actual shipment elected, staff member will be contacted by GCS Shipping team.
  • Refer to the Global Mobility Portal to gather additional location specific information and contact Global Mobility Services to meet with a Global Mobility Specialist for additional assistance on items such as housing, school, and child care.
  • Staff are encouraged to enroll in e-learning (only available on Bank's intranet) for a briefing on their upcoming Temporary Assignment.


Plan a pre-assignment visit to review options related to accommodation, schools/childcare etc.


For more information, refer to Section 03. Relocation and Transportations Benefits, in Staff Rule 6.17 Temporary Assignment Benefits or refer to the Global Mobility portal.


Prepare pre-assignment trip in Travel System and requests for travel advance to be paid via payroll.


Connect with the CO Administrator/Relocation Focal Point—with help from Global Mobility team—regarding work and resident visa, if required, as AMEX at HQ only assists with travel visa.


Create the relocation trip request on return from the pre-assignment trip.

Follow these guidelines:

  • Use the 'Relocation-Change in duty Station' trip type, indicating the new duty station as the final destination.
  • The charge code will be provided by HR Operations.
  • Enter the following note in the ‘Comments’ section of the trip request: "This is a one-way relocation to ____ duty station." Include also information of dependents who will be relocating.
  • Refer to Create Trip for instructions to create a trip request.

Action by HR Operations


Authorize payment of relocation benefits.


Send the Temporary Assignment memo to the staff member upon receipt of medical clearance and benefits election.


Action by Staff (Prior To Departure)


Sign, attach, and send the assignment memo to HR Operations.


Inform the IT support team at least five business days prior to departure so that they can process the transfer of computer logon and Outlook account details to the new location.


Update address and emergency information in myHR Self-Service.

If you do not have access to myHR Self-Service, send an email to HR Operations.


Ensure that dependent information is up-to-date in myHR Self-Service.


Important Guidelines

  • Apply for a Laissez-Passer (only available on Bank's intranet) for yourself and dependents. For more information, refer to the policy details on United Nations Laissez-Passer (only available on Bank's intranet).
  • If you are a permanent resident or a G4 visa holder, review the immigration law as any stay outside the U.S. may impact eligibility for resident status. For more information, refer to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.
  • Review the financial assistance options available for moving to the new duty station. Example: Settling-in loan.
  • If you are a U.S. citizen, inform Tax Service Desk regarding tax implications and update the Tax Allowance Certificate (Form 70) for any change of residence and other details.
  • Refer to this page for information on replenishing prescription medications in a duty station outside the U.S.
  • Change the health insurance administrator, if required. For more details, refer to the checklist.
  • Organize for the sale or rent of household effects through the Bank's Bulletin Board Classified Ads (only available on Bank's intranet) or Global Mobility Services, if required.
  • Obtain a copy of personal and medical records for yourself and your dependents. Examples: birth certificate, marriage license, immunization card, etc.
  • Apply for an international driver's license.
  • Renew your U.S. driver’s license if it will expire during the assignment.
  • Cancel parking space.
  • Contact the local post office to make arrangements for mail delivery. Refer to the World Bank Diplomatic Pouch Service (only available on Bank's intranet) for more details.

Action by Staff (On Arrival)


Initiate the ‘Arrival at Duty Station’ action in myHR Self-Service. This action confirms arrival at the duty station and the location is updated to reflect the new duty station.


Action by HR Operations


Activate ongoing support benefits and expatriate benefits.