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Report Life Event - Legal Adoption of a Child


Staff must immediately report any life events or changes in household status within 60 days, even if the supporting documents are not immediately available. However, the enrollment window is extended to the first year (for medical insurance enrollment only) from the life event date. Staff must follow up with the outstanding information once it is available.

If the adoption is not reported within 60 days of the life event, the staff member will not be eligible to increase the supplemental life insurance and dependent life insurance enrollment, if applicable.

Legal adoptions are subject to review and approval by HR Operations.


If either natural parent of the child is alive, regardless of the living conditions of the child, the World Bank Group will not accept the adoption of:

  • older children, age 13 or above.
  • sibling or half-sibling.
  • category of relative, such as a niece or nephew (including relatives of domestic partners).

The U.S. government may not recognize the adoption of a relative, and may refuse to grant a visa for the child to join the staff member in the U.S.




Action by Staff


Report the legal adoption within the first year of the event date via myHR Self-Service (available only on World Bank’s intranet).

If you do not have access to myHR Self-Service, complete and submit with the supporting documentation following the submission instructions on the form to HR Operations:

This action must be completed within the first year of physical custody for purposes of legal adoption.

Supporting documentation:

1.    A copy of the adopted child’s birth certificate

3.    A copy of the adopted child’s passport

4.    A copy of the adoption petition

5.    A copy of the final decree of adoption, if available

6.    For adoption of relatives, a copy of the death certificates of the child’s natural parents

7.    The financial support you provide to your adopted child prior to and after the adoption

8.    The adopted child’s school records (for the past three academic years), if applicable


It is the responsibility of the staff member to obtain official English translations for any document.


Action by HR Operations


Review the submitted documentation and determine the eligibility of the staff member's adopted child for Bank Group benefits and notify staff via email. If approved:

  • Staff with physical custody of the adopted child for whom insurance is requested will receive an email from HR Operations, confirming that the child has been added to the medical insurance provisionally, until the final adoption decree is submitted.
  • Staff with the final adoption decree submitted will receive an email from HR Operations, confirming insurance and other benefits enrollment, if applicable.


HR cannot add the adopted child as the staff member's dependent until review is complete.

Approval of foster children into the Medical Insurance Plan (MIP) is rare, since in most U.S. states, the provisions of foster care are mutually exclusive with the Bank Group's dependency allowance criteria. The state often provides the foster parent with medical insurance, supplies, and income to use for the foster relationship.


Action by Staff


Submit final adoption decree, if applicable.


You will receive a system-generated email confirmation. if this is your first eligible dependent and you would like to add dependent life insurance, you can do so while reporting though Self-Service, this will be automatically processed. If you already have Optional Dependent Group Life Insurance, your child is automatically covered after adoption.


Additional Information


If your adoption is approved, you may be eligible for dependency allowance for your adopted child depending on the staff member's duty station. Unmarried staff may qualify for Augmented Child Allowance.

CO staff: each CO has different rules regarding eligibility for dependency allowance. Contact your CO administrator for details.


In many adoption cases, including in the U.S., there is often a period of time between when you gain physical custody of your adopted child, and when the adoption is finalized. In such cases, HR Operations may approve adding the child to the MIP, but you will not receive any other benefits for the child—for example, dependency allowance—until the adoption is legally finalized. If the adoption is abandoned or not approved by the court, you may be asked to reimburse the Bank Group for any insurance coverage paid on the child’s behalf.


You may add one level of additional coverage of Optional Group Life Insurance within 60 days of the life event, subject to a maximum level of optional coverage of five times net salary. To check your current coverage, go to myHR Self-Service (available only on World Bank’s intranet).


You may only add one level of Group Life Insurance, even if you adopt twins or triplets.


If this child is your first dependent—that is, no spouse, domestic partner, or other dependent children—you have 60 days to enroll in the Optional Dependent Group Life Insurance.


Children are covered after reaching the eligible age: 14 days for HQ, and four years for CO. Eligible dependent children are covered until the age of 25. If you already have Optional Dependent Group Life Insurance, your adopted child is automatically covered once s/he reaches the minimum age requirement.


If applicable—for example, you are a U.S. citizen receiving a tax allowance—update your Form 70 tax allowance certificate via myHR Self-Service.


If you are adopting an infant or toddler, HQ staff should explore child care options in advance as there is usually a long waitlist for getting into a day care. Click here (available only on World Bank’s intranet) for information on the World Bank Children’s Center.