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Education Benefits - Request and Certify

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Education benefits are offered as part of expatriate benefits to staff holding regular, open, term, or executive director's (ED’s) assistant appointments.

Education benefits are provided in accordance with Staff Rule 06.14, except that section II, paragraphs 2.01 (5) and (6) on higher education and apprenticeship in the Staff Rule do not apply to staff on Cross Country assignment/Localization Plus assignments.

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Action by Staff


Apply for education benefits through myHR Self-Service.


Staff on CCA and LP benefit packages are not eligible for the reimbursement of the education costs for university level or apprenticeship.

Staff must not apply for education benefits until they have confirmed previous years' usage of the education grant or education travel. See Step 3 below.

Applications are not accepted before the start of the academic year (AY), which, for instance, is July 1, 2015, for AY 15–16.


Verify receipt of lump sum education benefits in paycheck through myHR Self-Service.

Exchange rates used for reimbursement of overseas education expenses are those reported by the United Nations (UN) in their Post Adjustment Circulars and indicated in Annex B on Staff Rule 06.14 Education Benefits.

§  For the academic year commencing in summer or fall, the exchange rate is that reported by the UN as of June.

§  For the academic year commencing in winter or spring, the exchange rate is that reported by the UN as of November.


For more information, refer to the Exchange Rate Reimbursement Illustration for Education Benefits document (available only from Bank's intranet).


Complete F00677 Education Benefit (School Certificate for Confirmation), certify attendance, and submit signed form and receipts to HR Operations or interoffice mail to MSN G2-202.

The staff member must:

§  include the amount to be reimbursed for language instruction, if applicable.

§  retain proof of purchase of two round trip tickets with associated boarding passes in case of audit.

The certificate cannot be signed and dated by the school more than two weeks prior to the end of the academic year being confirmed, except when a staff member is ending employment or ending education grant eligibility mid-academic year.


Action by HR Operations


Review the request and confirm eligibility.


If required, HR Operations may request the staff member to submit receipts for the reimbursement of language tutoring and special instruction for children with special learning needs.


Action by Staff


If you are eligible to receive an additional amount from the Bank Group, you will receive an email regarding the additional payment due to you. The payment will be disbursed through the next possible payroll cycle.

If you were overpaid by the Bank Group based on your original application and subsequent certification, you will receive an email informing you of an overpayment. You must either write a check payable to IBRD or IFC and mail it to CTR MSN MC5-506, or wait for payroll deductions.