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Confirm Dependency Allowance


This page describes the process that must be followed to confirm dependency allowance.

For more information, refer to these resources:




Action by HR


Set up the initial enrollment for staff who are eligible for dependency allowance.


Around May or early June every year, send an email requesting dependency allowance confirmation, with a link to the transaction in myHR Self-Service (available only on World Bank's intranet).


Action by Staff


Access the 'Dependency Allowance - Dependency/Household Enrollment Confirmation' action in myHR Self-Service (available only on World Bank's intranet) and verify the enrolled dependents in your household.

NOTE:  Staff who have not confirmed their Dependency Allowance information within 60 days of the life event and/or annual confirmation exercise, will receive the benefit payment prospectively and not as of the effective date.


If you have changes in your household, you can report the changes through myHR Self-Service (available only on World Bank's intranet).

HR Operations will then contact you to obtain information, such as a birth certificate, a marriage certificate, divorce papers, or the date from which a child earned income over the threshold indicated in Annex A: Income of a Dependent Child to Staff Rule 06.02 Dependency (Tax Equivalency) Allowances.


Important Guideline (Only For HQ)




If your spouse was not employed during a particular calendar year and had no other source of income, select the $0 to $29,999 gross salary range. The salary ranges above $30,000 are in ranges of $1,000 because if the spouse’s gross salary exceeds $30,000 in a year, the benefit for next year is reduced by 1 percent for each $1,000 the spouse earns over $30,000. There is no reduction when the spouse earns less than $30,000 gross. For this reason, the exact income below that amount is not required.