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Checklist for New, Open, Term Staff in Country Office


This checklist summarizes the steps that a new hire must follow while joining the World Bank Group on an open or term appointment in a country office (CO).

For more information, refer to these resources:

Contact the CO HR administrator if you have additional questions.




Action by Staff


Scan and email the following documents to the CO HR administrator:

  • Copy of your original university diploma showing your highest and latest obtained degree. This is not mandatory, but helps accelerate the background clearance process. In order to facilitate the security clearance, you may contact your university informing them that they would be contacted to confirm your obtained degree.


Staff locally hired in Iraq for an assignment in the Baghdad office must also submit:

Security clearance is required. However, a candidate may be hired and enter on duty prior to the completion of the employment screening process. They must acknowledge that if the candidate is not cleared for employment following the screening, his/her employment will be terminated immediately, without any liability to the World Bank Group.


Read the following before signing the Letter of Appointment (LOA) and the relevant enclosures:

03.00 Office of Ethics and Business Conduct (EBC)

03.01 Standards of Professional Conduct

03.02 Employment Outside the Bank Group

03.03 Financial Interest and Disclosure

03.04 Bank Group - Endorsed Activities with External Entities

03.06 Family Obligations - Spouse/Child Support Obligations and Divorce


Sign the LOA. By signing the LOA, you acknowledge that you have received, read, understood, and accepted the above documents.


Scan and email form F02367 Country Office Appointments Household & MBP Enrollment / Change to the CO HR Administrator. In the form:

  • Enter your UPI number. Refer to the email from your CO HR administrator for the number.
  • Select your Medical Benefits Plan (MBP) coverage category. Refer to the table below for the coverage category options and your contribution as a percentage of your monthly salary.

Coverage Category

Staff Share

(in %)

A: Staff member only


B: Staff member plus one eligible family member


C: Staff member plus two, three, or four eligible family members


D: Staff member plus five or more eligible family members



MBP enrollment is mandatory for all CO staff. The enrollment is optional for dependents of the staff member.
Provide copies of your and the eligible dependent's birth certificates and your marriage certificate to the MBP administrator. This can be done through email or handed in on the entry on duty (EOD) date. Ensure that you submit the documents within 60 days from the EOD date.


Scan and email the following documents: