Europe and Central Asia Economic Update

Europe and Central Asia Economic Update



Background Papers

Is Social Protection a Luxury Good? (Michael M. Lokshin, Martin Ravallion, and Iván Torre)

Protect Incomes or Protect Jobs? The Role of Social Policies in Post-Pandemic Recovery (Asli Demirgüç-Kunt, Michael M. Lokshin, and Iván Torre)

Explaining the Evolution of Job Tenure in Europe, 1995–2020 (Maurizio Bussolo, Damien Capelle, Michael M. Lokshin, Iván Torre, and Hernan Winkler)

Job Tenure and Structural Change in the Transition Economies of Europe (Maurizio Bussolo, Michael M. Lokshin, Nicolás Oviedo, and Iván Torre)

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