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Key Documents

  • Board Resolutions

    The Accountability Mechanism was established by IBRD Board Resolution No. 2020-0005 and identical IDA Board Resolution No. 2020-0004 (the “AM Resolution”). The Accountability Mechanism comprises two constituent parts, the Panel, originally established in 1993, and the DRS, established by the AM Resolution in September 2020 and operationalized in October 2021. The Panel process is governed by IBRD Board Resolution 2020-0004 and identical IDA Board Resolution 2020-0003 (the “Panel Resolution”).

    ·       AM Resolution

    ·       Panel Resolution

  • Operating Procedures

    On December 5th, 2022, the AM Secretary issued the Accountability Mechanism Operating Procedures, that define how the mechanism works, and regulate the service offered to Requesters and Borrowers who choose dispute resolution to settle their differences.

    The Accountability Mechanism Operating Procedures supersede the DRS Interim Operating Procedures, originally issued in October 2021. The DRS Interim Operating Procedures continue to apply in full in cases where the Parties commenced mediation prior to the issuance of the AM Operating Procedures.* In all other cases, the AM Operating Procedures apply in full.

    ·       DRS Interim Operating Procedures

    ·       Accountability Mechanism Operating Procedures

    *Specifically, DRS cases 21/01/DRS and 21/04/DRS.

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