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Meet the Accountability Mechanism Secretariat


Top, left to right: Ayako Kubodera, Serge Selwan, Camila Jorge do Amaral, Rob Doherty

Bottom, left to right: Rupes Dalai, Oriana Bolvaran, Birgit Kuba, Nicolas Koutschoubey

Accountability Mechanism Secretariat

The World Bank Accountability Mechanism (AM) has a permanent Secretariat that provides operational and administrative support to the AM Secretary, Panel Chair and Panel Members and assists in processing Requests for Inspections, conducting eligibility reviews, investigations, dispute resolution and responding to queries. The Secretariat also organizes and participates in outreach activities, seminars and other events, and disseminates information about the AM, the Panel and the Dispute Resolution Service and the work they do. Accountability Mechanism staff assigned to the Inspection Panel report to the Accountability Mechanism Secretary on administrative matters but to Inspection Panel members on technical matters, such as the compliance investigation itself, the composition of compliance teams and their mission travel, and the selection of consultants.