New model bidding documents to be used for procurement by NCB in China

June 21, 2012

BEIJING June 21, 2012 – With support from the World Bank and the Asia Development Bank (ADB), the Ministry of Finance (MoF) of China has recently introduced two revised model bidding documents for procurement of goods and for civil works by National Competitive Bidding (NCB). The revised versions of the model bidding documents are based on the Harmonized Master Procurement Documents prepared by the Multilateral Development Banks and International Financial Institutions. The new model documents will replace the 1997 versions and have been renamed   International Financial Institutions (IFI) Model Bidding Documents for Procurement by NCB to indicate broader applicability.

The Ministry of Finance issued an official circular on June 4 requiring all World Bank financed projects in China to use the new model documents for procurements of goods and civil works by NCB. The new model bidding documents are publicly available on the MoF website.

The updated versions of the model bidding documents have taken into account related laws and regulations in China as well as the procurement guidelines and policies of the World Bank and Asia Development Bank.  The documents comply with the principles of economy, efficiency and transparency and emphasize the requirements on fraud and corruption. The new versions are applicable to the procurements of goods and civil works by NCB in all the projects financed by the World Bank and ADB in China. Other IFIs are also encouraged to use the new model bidding documents for their projects.

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