World Bank Country Manager Kseniya Lvovsky meets with the new Tirana Mayor Lulzim Basha

September 15, 2011

Tirana, September 15, 2011 - Today the World Bank Country Manager Kseniya Lvovsky met with the new Mayor of Tirana Lulzim Basha to learn about the priorities of the Tirana Municipality and to discuss progress of existing projects as well as consider possibilities of future cooperation. In this meeting Mrs Lvovsky was accompanied by a team of experts.

Mr. Basha informed the World Bank team about several major projects that the Tirana municipality plans with the aim to improve the citizens living conditions and standard of services. Mr Basha expressed his strong support for the ongoing project dedicated youth employment that is financed through the Japan Social Development Fund,  administered by the World Bank and implemented by this  municipality. The Mayor considered youth employment as one of his priorities.

In this meeting, the mayor and the Bank team agreed on the importance of bringing citizen's attention to the upcoming public display of owner's lists that is supported by the ongoing Land Administration and Management Project. The Mayor mentioned several transport and urban development projects. The need for carefully assessing several alternative before selecting the tram option was discussed, with the Bank expressing readiness to assist with  technical expertise if required by the municipality.

Mrs. Lvovsky concluded that the Bank looks forward to successfully completing on-going projects with the municipality,  and will assess further opportunities for collaboration, particularly providing targeted technical assistance,  within the framework of the current Country Partnership Strategy.

Country Manager Kseniya Lvovsky wished mayor of Tirana  success in his important initiatives stating that they are important for all residents of the capital city and for the country image as a modern European country.