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Mapping for Results

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Mapping for Results: IDA-Financed Projects

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The International Development Association (IDA) is the World Bank's fund for the poorest.

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Social Safety Net for Orphans and Vulnerable Children


Cash Transfers Lift 245,000 Children Out of Poverty

With IDA support, innovative technology is used to transfer payments to 83,000 families in a faster and more secure way than was previously possible.

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Nepal: Providing Health Services to the Poorest and Most Excluded


Providing Health Services to the Poorest

Nepal’s health sector has seen impressive progress in the past few years and is expected to improve in the future. Maternal mortality declined significantly from 530 per 100,000 live births in 1996 to 281 in 2006.

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Community—Driven Development Improved Basic Service Delivery in Benin


Communities Take Charge of their Development in Benin

IDA-supported initiative has provided 10,000 people with access to an improved water and sanitation systems and helped 81,000 students enroll in new or rehabbed schools.

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Powering Lao's Countryside

The program is extending the electricity grid to rural households while promoting off-grid renewable energy throughout the country.

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Building Better Transport in Lagos

For the 220,000 people using buses daily, time and money spent on travel along the project corridor has been reduced by about 20%.

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Yemen: Conservation and Improvement of Traditional Seed Varieties


Food Security Improved in Yemen

This IDA project helped enhance food security and preserve 1,775 traditional seed varieties.

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