Profile of Health Equity & Financial Protection

Website Name Health Equity & Financial Protection
Website Description This site provides information about World Bank's work in the area of health equity and financial protection and poverty reduction, which is a major cause of ill health and a barrier to accessing health care when needed.
Website Owner Human Development Network
Business Process
  • Analytic and Advisory Activities
  • Capacity Building/Training
  • Development Research
  • Financial Services
  • Global Programs and Services
  • Health Services
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Topic Development Operations & Activities,Financial Sector,Gender,Health, Nutrition & Population,Poverty,Social Development,Social Protection
Language English
Keywords World Bank Health, Nutrition and Population Strategy, health insurance, skilled health personnel, health behavior and health care utilization, benefit incidence analysis, financial protection, low- and middle-income countries.
Year Website Created 2010
Date Archived 05/22/2013
Is Website Discontinued? Yes