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World Bank: Rural Livelihoods

Rural livelihoods programs are designed to enable the poorest to reach out to government agencies, private companies, and other service providers. read more. . .

mobilization in BD

Community Mobilization
Promoting social mobilization and empowerment to build community and village institutions that are organized, transparent, and able to manage their own development priorities.  read more. . .

Woman voting for CDC in Afghanistan

Institutions of the Poor
Institutional development in World Bank livelihood projects emphasize institutions of the poor - an important departure from the traditional focus on institutions for the poor. read more. . .

3-WHEELER READY TO GOInvesting in Human Capital
Livelihoods programs provide direct training or link to agencies and companies that provide training in the skills needed to operate in the local economy.
read more. . .
AP women at a bank

Linking to Finance
Investments to make the "unbankable" poor viable clients of micro-finance institutions and commericial banks. These start with savings and carefully introduce village credit models that build a bridge for the poor. read more. . .

Woman reading moisture reader in AP

Linking to Markets
Aggregating associations of rural producers to gain access to input and output markets, and to develop leverage within those markets to get the best value for their money.  read more. . .


In South Asia . . .

  • Over $2.5 billion invested
  • Over 12 million poor households reach
  • Over 1 million grassroots community groups created



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